Ministry of defense

‘Become who you want te be’. When Steam saw our commercial for Adidas they were convinced to work with Nanno Jiskoot as director on this epic shoot for the Ministry of Defense. We shot the commercial in Serbia, Iceland and The Netherlands. The last scene was shot in Rotterdam, together with the Dutch Navy Seals, after they trained for 48 hours non stop. These guys are something else! It made our last day of filming a special one.

  • ADCN Nomination: Best Film Direction
  • ADCN Nomination: Best Cinematography

Mentioned as the most successful recruitment campaign for the Ministry of Defense ever.

Agency: Steam
Creatives: John en Maarten
RTV Producer: Cariola van Beek
Director: Nanno Jiskoot
DOP: Tibor Dingelstad
Producer: Omar Perineau, Hazazah
Editor: Marvin Said
Music: Joris van Grunsven