Own the twilight

Making low light photography look like a pro on the new Galaxy S7, that’s what we like!
Shot around beautiful Cape Town, this commercial was so much fun to work on.
Have you seen the guy jumping from the rocks? As a director in South Africa you have to show your actors that a stunt like this is complete safe…by doing it yourself first! Isn’t great to be a film maker?


The activation resulted in 124 million submitted photos in one month.
8.2 million people viewed the online video.
The engagement score was 13% versus an average rate of 5%.

The activation scored 349% above benchmark.Awards Own the Twilight campagne

Awards & Nominations:
  • Winner Silver + Bronze by Esprix for Telecom and Utilities
  • San Accent Nomination
Agency: Cheel
Creatives: Ton & Taco
RTV Producer: Melissa Nieveld
Producer: Judith Goudsmit and Cynthia Fidder, Hazazah
Editor: Brian Ent
DOP: Nanko Goeting
Grading & Online: The Compound