Ministry of Foreign Affairs
We are who we become

We created this commercial, six short portraits, a photo book and a website for Sports for Development (SFD), a cooperation between Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Right to Play, International Sport Alliance and KNVB World Coaches.
It was an instant success. The commercial went viral and was awarded around the globe.

We were filming this campaign in tough areas around Cape Town, working with amazing youngsters who decided to step away from drug abuse, gangsterism, oppression and domestic violence by joining sports
programs to keep them occupied. We had four body guards that sometimes didn’t dare getting out of the car, while we were filming actual gangster who liked the experience of filming a chase with actual police officers. Can you imagine?

  • ADCN Nomination, Best Director
  • Winner YDA award at Cannes
Agency: Widen & Kennedy
Director: Nanno Jiskoot
DOP: Nanko Goeting
Focus Puller: Lena de Boer
Producer: Nanno Jiskoot
Editor: Annelien van Wijnbergen
Sound & Music: Monster Music
Grading: Laurens Orij